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Blueorbits is providing the best email marketing service in Canada. Our team of email marketers  knows how to generate ROI through emails.

Designing Path For A Successful Business

Landing Pages for Email Marketing

Landing Pages

We create remarkable landing pages for email marketing that drives the audience towards sales.

Template Creation for Email Marketing

Template Creation

Our team also create an HTML template for email advertising campaign, which is known as one of the best tactics.


Design Creation

We create an astonishing design and pattern for email campaign with an incredibly engaging structure.

Content Creation

Content Creation

At Blueorbits, our team will create content after analyzing the niche of your business.

Increase Subscribers List through Email Marketing

Increase Subscribers List

Whether it is for sales, newsletter subscriber, and so on, with us, your business can touch the new heights of success.

Drive Traffic & Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Blueorbits runs the promotional emails for business firms that attract the traffic to drive them towards sales.

Attracting Audience Towards Brand

Despite the advancement in technology and the fact that billions of dollars spent each year advertising on social media platforms, email advertisements remains one of the most potent ways to increase customer engagement and drive traffic to your website. Most of your serious customers who are loyal and are interested in your services would find your newsletters and emails welcoming. If you add new information about your products periodically such as content, brochures, and videos, that is an occasion to reach out to your customers via email telling them about it. Through our email campaigns, you can make sure that your customers are reminded of your existence and remain updated on the latest offers, deals, and discounts.

Constant Updates

One of the reasons why Blueorbits is the best email marketing service provider in Canada is its’ ability to forge long-lasting relationships with its’ customers. That is what we bring to our clients through our professional email services. Two of the prime advantages of email campaign is that it keeps the contact between a business and its’ customers alive. Sending constant updates and keeping the customers posted gives your business a face. Blueorbits’ is the best promotional email services providing company in Canada whose email advertising services are curated to ensure that your brand gains ground, becomes trustworthy in the eyes of your customers and puts forth only the information that will help your customers rather than bombarding them with constant needless updates. 

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Engage Customers Attention

Where many an email marketing agency would send out templates to your target market, we go through the trouble of analyzing your audience and studying your product. Based on this research, we create marketing emails that are bound to get your customers’ attention and give them an incentive to provide you with a try and purchase your products and services.

Personalized Strategy

Such an approach and a personal strategy are accurately what has made Blueorbits the best email marketing service provider in Canada. With an eye on your customers’ tastes and a thorough understanding of your business, we can help you create an email marketing strategy that gets you results.

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App & Software Development Company

Digital Marketing Agency – Boosting Businesses Enormously

Blueorbits is one of the dedicated and reputable digital marketing agency that is providing top-quality online marketing services from a vast period.

Objective of the Email Marketing

Objective: What is the goal of the email?

After knowing the target of an email, our marketers design a complete template by prioritizing your requirements.

Landing Pages for Email Marketing

Test: Test through different browsers and device, email to a client

 Before running a marketing campaign, we use to test the email on various browsers and screen resolutions so the audience can get a good quality email of your business.


Measure: Open and click rate, visitor activity, sale or lead generation

We measure all the click rate, impressions, purchase, lead generation and conversions. So, the customer can easily acknowledge the process.

Define Customer Persona for Email Marketing

Define: Customer persona, design, and message

 Blueorbits email advertising team thoroughly defines the customer persona and develop a well-designed message to the customers that showcase all of the products and services.


Send: Immediately or schedule

We share on-time and scheduled emails to the customers with updated, well-designed, and pitch-delivery content to the target audience.


Report: Send the report to the client about the whole process, activity, sales etc

We share an in-depth report of the email marketing campaign to the customers with a significant number of facts and figures we have achieved from it.

Digital Apparent

Our experts know all the strategic terms of these brands.
Digital Marketing Platforms

Transforming traffic into the leads

Businesses require a digital marketing agency to generate better ROI and Blueorbits has been providing it to hundreds of clients successfully.

Interface Email Marketing Template

Interface Email Template

Blueorbits will create an interface email template based on your business niches and target services. Such kind of implementation drives massive sales to your business.

High Click Through Rate (CTR) for Email Marketing

High Click Through Rate (CTR)

Many digital marketing agencies only do traditional email marketing. But, with us, you will enlighten the new heights of success with CTR.

Spam Protection for Email Marketing

Spam Protection

Many websites get penalized or face spams in order of email marketing. However, our marketing tactics and expertise will always keep your brand spam-free.

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