Mobile App for Chefs

Mobile App For Chefs – Fine Dining

The world of fine dining is just that—fine dining. Take fine out of it, and it is just like eating for sustenance’s sake. For this reason, the world of restaurant and hotel business is very delicate. Bad news spreads fast.

Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

Check Temperature via Smartphone

To help Chefs around the world avoid bad name by gaining fame for delivering overcooked meals, Blueorbits team came up to develop an app that would prevent Chefs from putting out over cooked meals. The way it functions is that using BLE SDK, the Chef inserts a temperature probe in the oven along with the meal. The probe is in there to measure the temperature of the meal and relay it back to the Chef’s smartphone.

As the food heats up, the Chef has the ability to set a threshold temperature reaching which an alarm would sound alerting the Chef that it’s time to take the meal out.


The app is in constant touch with the probe and receives real-time data that it then uses to analyze the state of the meal. Through Chef Meter, our clients were able to eliminate the instances of overcooked meals, which gave them a better name and helped them avoid throwing out overcooked food on a consistent basis.

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