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Virtual Gaming World

As virtual world gaming becomes an industry of its own with hundreds of apps being developed every year, the world of virtual gaming lacked a core necessity. Where most other virtual gaming apps were focused on fighters and people of the times past, Blueorbits’ Comics Fight brings the world of comic books into the spotlight.

Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

Trip Back
to Childhood

By creating a gaming app that brought the childhood heroes of millions to life, Blueorbits gave the users a trip back to their childhood. With the remarkable popularity of Comics Fight, Blueorbits realized that it was a market worth serving more.As a result, since then, we have created dozens of more apps like Comics Fight that have been equally successful. As the gaming world experimented with different scenarios and UI, Blueorbits far surpassed them by offering them the solution that was already being craved for in the market.

Bridge of Joy

There might be no shortage of gaming apps in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, but their sure is a lack of quality gaming apps that Comics Fight and our other apps like it did well to make up for.

Blueorbits from very early on learned to understand the market needs like no other.

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