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Easy Access And Management

As the health facilities go mobile and needs emerge to have all of your health information in one place for easy access and management, Health Assistant gives you the ability to do so. Keeping track of your health information ensures that you stay updated on your current health status and can deal with health issues before they even emerge. 


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Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

Real-Time Data

With information safely stored in one place, you and your physician can access it right away to analyze your condition. Rather than have documents and hard copy reports lying around, Health Assistant streamlines the ability to record, store and access your health data by managing them electronically.

On your doctor visits, you don’t need to walk around with huge stacks of paper documents, you can just take your smartphone to your doctor and they can access all the data they need. It helps you save time and give you real-time data about your health condition. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

Check Your Vitals

You could be swimming, jogging, having a meal or reading a book, all you need to check your vitals is the Health Assistant app and you’re set. No need to spend huge amounts on medical equipment, just download the Health Assistant app and you’re set.