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Maintain Records

In the world of information sharing where everything is happening so quickly, businesses need to be able to respond quickly and maintain records for a variety of reasons. Some industries mandate that businesses maintain electronic records while others require periodic filings.


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Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.


Doing business is intricate just the way it is. There is no reason why document conversion should give you any extra headache.

So to help businesses fight the trouble of document conversion and going back and forth with their customers about the right document type, Blueorbits developed a portal that easily converts documents from different formats into PDF documents. Whether it is a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, JPEG, JPG, PNG or any other file type, you can easily convert your documents to PDF format and use it for whichever purpose you like. 

iOS and Android

Having created this portal for both iOS and Android user, we recognize the demand they have. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we can create many variations of such a platform so that our clients can deal with specific or general needs of their market. Along with a conversion tool, PDF maker is a portal that helps users manage their documents in a document format that is universally accepted.