Racing Mobile App Game

Remarkable Features

One of the remarkable features of modern smartphones has been the motion-sensing technology. You can tilt your phone one way or another, and it can detect the motion and interpret it almost instantly.

Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

Race With Friends

This feature allowed for a range of games to come to the forefront of the App Stores. One way Blueorbits made excellent use of this feature was through its’ gaming app Racer. Racer allows you to race with your friends from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to be at the same place. Each of you could be sitting in their home, and you can easily race with one another without any lag or noticeable delays. 

Real-time Action

All of this happens in real-time, which means the moves, turns, drifts, and power-ups are displayed on your screen as your friend initiates them. Regardless of how many friends you can, you can race together at the same time without causing any server delays.

The data is transmitted at remarkable speed so that there are no lags and you can play with each other just as if you were racing in real-life. Blueorbits is setting standards in the world of racing and car gaming generally by making excellent use of the features that modern smartphones entail.

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