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To increase their reach by making it easier for their customers to book rides through their smartphones, client needed a partner to turn their idea into reality. Blueorbits helped them develop an innovative app that not only fulfilled but also surpassed their requirements.


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Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

Expanded Reach

By taking their portal online, Blueorbits helped bring client’s services to millions of daily taxi users. With expanded reach, not only did the client gained name recognition but also began setting new standards in the world of the daily commute. Through a user-friendly app, they became an industry leader and boosted their revenue.

Know Where Your Next
Ride Is Coming From

Through this intuitive app, not only can you view your destination and where you currently are but you can also look up the whereabouts of your next ride. Gone are the days of waiting on the pavement for minutes and hours. Through this app, you can find out the real-time location of taxis nearby, so you’re never again late for an appointment.


The users can schedule a ride and make the payment through credit/debit card based on their interest. Moreover, they can get the option of live chat and check their entire payment history.

Easily Manage Your

Using the Taxi App, users can easily manage their accounts, lookup their past trips, and keep an eye on their finances. They can also update their preferences, so they can have the commute experience they desire. Anytime they want to offer feedback, make an inquiry or lodge a complaint; they can do all of that through the Taxi App. By delivering on client’s requirements, Blueorbits helped them become an industry giant by expanding their reach by tapping into previously undiscovered markets.