The DigitalXpress App

The DigitalXpress – Empowering the People

With an ever-increasing crackdown on dissent and the freedom of speech in Southern Asia, anonymous messaging and sharing apps have gained popularity in the region. In a crowded market where not only access but also limited features curtailed the ability of millions to express their views freely, a vacuum was present that needed filling by an application that truly empowered the people.

Project Overview

A mobile app that will attract the users towards its marvelous features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

Publish Content

Through The DigitalXpress, users are able to not only share information with each other, but they can also publish articles, blogs, videos and much more to present their side of the story. Rather than provide just a messaging app, Blueorbits helped create a platform that gives tools to its’ users to act without any restraints online and engage with like-minded people to create movements and exchange information.

Seamlessly Streamed

No other major application was available on the market that successfully and seamlessly streamed videos over the Internet. Blueorbits was able to solve this problem in The DigitalXpress by using a firebase server. 

The DigitalXpress gives people total control over what they want to share online. By having the ability to stay anonymous and share what they think easily, The DigitalXpress is setting the bar in the world of Internet freedom.

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