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Blueorbits provides top-rated digital solutions. Our innovative creativity and workforce have made us the best solutions company in Canada.

Broad Disk Space for Ecommerce Solutions

Broad Disk Space

Unlimited products, orders, file storage, and bandwidth.

Reliable Hosting for Ecommerce Solutions

Reliable Hosting

Multi-layered hosting security and DDOS protection.

Multi-Payment Methods in Ecommerce Solutions

Multi-Payment Methods

Accept payments with Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon.

Hundreds of Extreme
Quality Aspects

Businesses who want to be able to sell their products and services online need eCommerce solutions that could be used as a single portal to manage, sell, and collect payments for their products and services. Ecommerce solutions go well beyond just a website with products. There are tons of aspects to it that need to be addressed first individually and later collectively to make sure that the eCommerce solution being put forth sufficiently fulfills the tasks that are expected of it.

Worldwide Transaction

With billions of dollars being transacted over the Internet each year. The online market has proven to be very lucrative for businesses across the economic spectrum. It is simply unfathomable for companies to stick to the old modes of sale when they could be offering their products and services to customers and companies around the world. Through this extra revenue, they cannot only make the required investments into their businesses and grow but also completely transition their business to an eCommerce solution that uses automation to transact and deliver their products without requiring business owners to do anything.

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ECommerce Payment Solution

Whether it is about integrating eCommerce payment solutions or ensuring that the eCommerce delivery solutions that you implement are right for your target market, Blueorbits as the best e-commerce solutions company understands the requirements of eCommerce portals better than anybody. Having worked with hundreds of clients, we know what it takes to make your eCommerce success.

Convenient to Use

Anything that involves processing payment has to be secure to ward off attackers and hackers. Since you are dealing with the private information of your customers, they trust that you will take all the steps to ensure the safety of their data. Blueorbits as the best e-commerce solutions company in Canada understand the security risks and the concerns of the parties involved and therefore uses its’ vast experience to put forth an eCommerce solution that satisfies all the requirements and yet offers a platform that is easy and convenient to use.

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App & Software Development Company

Software Solutions, Make Your Business Stand Ahead

With Blueorbits software development team, you can quickly increase the productivity level of your business, and make it stand ahead from market competition.


Discussion/ Initiation

Starting an e-commerce portal starts with discussions upon discussions until you can agree on a track plan.


Prototype development

Designing mockups and developing prototypes allows us to receive feedback from the customers, which drives our efforts.


Implementation/ Closure

Once the errors have been sorted, the e-commerce solution is taken live, and any radical design changes are purged.


Planning/ Requirement Analysis

Understanding and defining the limitations of an e-commerce portal allows us to estimate what it might be able to do.


Develop/ Testing

In the development and testing stage, we analyze how feasible and potent the e-commerce solution is and sort out any bugs.



From time to time, the e-commerce solutions portal might need some maintenance and updates to ensure proper processing.


Software Development Platforms

What Make Us Unique?

In comparison to a market, we have a creative and innovative team of designers and developers. Moreover, we have the latest and modern techno-tools that assist in creating a pixel-perfect digital solution. 

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Create a responsive portal that streamlines all of your operations and makes it easier to carry out daily operations.

Standardization of Operations

Standardization of Operations

Substantially increase the quality and the standard of your tasks by using a portal that gives your tasks a proper structure.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Lower the cost of your operation by operating more efficiently and reducing costs across the board.

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  • The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
  • We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA
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