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We are a leading workflow software development company in Canada. We are providing workflow software services for over the years.

Speed Up Process and Reduce Manual Errors

Streamline and Speed-Up

Being the workflow process specialist in Canada, our solutions will speed up the productivity and performance of your business.

Track Request Status through Workflow

Track Request Status

In our workflow solution, you can quickly get the update regarding all the tasks even if they’re completed, pending, or in progress mode.

Monitor Team Progress through Workflow

Monitor Team Progress

With our software solution, you can hassle-free monitor the entire progress of your team regarding their routine tasks and performance.


There are two ways a business can increase its profit margin. One is by increasing the number of products it sells and the second one is by running the business operations more efficiently. Many business owners are so over-reliant on increasing the number of products sold that they ignore cutting their operational costs. One way to make sure that you are not wasting huge sums inefficiently just running your business is to implement a workflow process solution that does not only make it easier for your employees to communicate but also designate tasks to each other quickly and more efficiently. Rather than relying on the traditional method of going desk-to-desk, colleagues can easily share responsibilities between them without ever leaving their chair. A digital Workflow solution streamlines project management and encourages employees to collaborate and help each other more easily.

Daily Operations

Blueorbits, as the best workflow software development company in Canada, has helped shape many businesses day-to-day operations through a workflow solution that does it all. Whether it is to introduce a secure live chat between employees or cloud storage, Blueorbits is at the forefront of workflow software development.

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Secure and Easy-to-Use

With access to the industry-leading tools and the best digital workflow specialists working with us, we have rightfully earned the title of the best workflow software development company in Canada. We go to great lengths while analyzing your business so we can design a workflow solution that speaks directly to your needs. Our development team has produced hundreds of workflow solutions to market that want to streamline their projects management and give their employees the tools to collaborate securely and efficiently.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By working with Blueorbits to build a workflow solution, you are joining hands with a top workflow software development company in Canada. We work closely with your clients through the software development phases to ensure that they are satisfied with the end product.

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Software Solutions, Make Your Business Stand Ahead

With Blueorbits software development team, you can quickly increase the productivity level of your business, and make it stand ahead from market competition.


Discussion/ Initiation

Starting an e-commerce portal starts with discussions upon discussions until you can agree on a track plan.


Prototype development

Designing mockups and developing prototypes allows us to receive feedback from the customers, which drives our efforts.


Implementation/ Closure

Once the errors have been sorted, the e-commerce solution is taken live, and any radical design changes are purged.


Planning/ Requirement Analysis

Understanding and defining the limitations of an e-commerce portal allows us to estimate what it might be able to do.


Develop/ Testing

In the development and testing stage, we analyze how feasible and potent the e-commerce solution is and sort out any bugs.



From time to time, the e-commerce solutions portal might need some maintenance and updates to ensure proper processing.


Software Development Platforms

What Make Us Unique?

In comparison to a market, we have a creative and innovative team of designers and developers. Moreover, we have the latest and modern techno-tools that assist in creating a pixel-perfect digital solution. 

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Create a responsive portal that streamlines all of your operations and makes it easier to carry out daily operations.

Standardization of Operations

Standardization of Operations

Substantially increase the quality and the standard of your tasks by using a portal that gives your tasks a proper structure.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Lower the cost of your operation by operating more efficiently and reducing costs across the board.

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  • Our representative contacts you within 24 hours
  • We collect all the necessary requirements from you
  • The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
  • We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA
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