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Taxi App

To increase their reach by making it easier for their customers to book rides through their smartphones, client needed a partner to turn their idea into reality. Blueorbits helped them develop an innovative app that not only fulfilled but also surpassed their requirements.

Passenger App Feature List

On-Demand Booking

On-Demand Booking

A customer can have the feature to book a taxi whenever he wants. The nearby taxi will reach his place as per his requirements.



The passenger will be allowed to pay the payment of a taken ride online on the Taxi App, which is very accessible for him.



After taking a ride, a customer is allowed to share his thoughts and experience on the app, which could be displayed on a rider’s profile.


Automated E-Receipts

Besides e-billing, a passenger can also get the automated e-receipts of his taken ride via mobile application.

Scheduled bookings

Scheduled Bookings

For the future ride, a customer can book a ride earlier, as well. So, as the ride time will be nearer, he will get a notification.

Tracking system (GPS)

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

A passenger will detect the car’s on-time location through a mobile application, as well. The GPS of a vehicle will provide the on-time report to a customer.

Ride History

Ride History

By clicking a button of history in a passenger’s profile. He will be able to see the data of his previous rides.

iOS & Android Support

Android & iOS Device Support

Blueorbits has created this mobile application with the Native framework for both reputable platforms; Android and iOS.

Notification to passengers

Notification to Passengers

Be it pointing a location, alert, reaching a pin-location, deals, and so on, a passenger will get those notifications.

Driver App Feature List

Tracking system (GPS)

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

A driver can see the live location of a passenger through a GPS of his mobile application. Moreover, a user will be allowed to drop a pin-location as well.

Notification to drivers

Notification to Drivers

Be it booking a ride, sending a message, review, and so on, a driver will get all the notifications instantly.

Email alerts

Email Alerts

A driver will get all the email alerts based on his performance, update, and activity. Basically, it will keep them updated regarding their performance.


Rate Card

It will showcase the chargeable amount to a driver after summarizing the Kilometers, vehicle category, and rates.

Google Map Integration

View Trip Routes Using GPS

After the request of a customer, a driver will get the complete information of a trip, and he will be able to see the routes via GPS.

Fare Calculation

Automatic Fare Calculation

By computerizing the travelled miles, time, and fare rates, the chargeable amount for the passenger will generate by itself that will be shown to driver and customer both.

iOS & Android Support

Android & iOS Device Support

The Taxi App is available for both operating system platforms; the Android and iOS to entertain the users enormously.

Flexible vehicle options

Flexible Vehicle Options

In any case, he wants to change the vehicle or switch to economy class to a business class; then he can have flexible vehicle options.


Automated E-Receipts

The driver will also get the automatic electronic receipt, which will be available in his records and email as well.

Admin Panel Feature List

Multi currency support

Multi Currency Support

The owner of the app can use this app on various currency modes such as Dollar, Euro, and so on.

Role management

Role Management

The super admin can have a feature to create sub-admins with the limited accesses and control over the app.

Ride History

Vehicle Management

The vehicles will be based on different categories, and each category can have different chargeable amount of per km.

List Management

Complaint Management

The admin will have access of the complaints regarding a trip, or a customer is facing for any of the issues.

Tracking system (GPS)

Trip/Cab Tracking

The admin will be able to track the entire trip. Moreover, he has access to send any update to the driver in case of any modification in a plan.

User/Customer management

User/Customer Management

The admin will have access to either delete the customer’s or driver account or indict any action on his profile.

Google Map Integration

Trip Management

At admin panel, the user can have the access of trip a passenger ask for. An admin can get the option to approve or disapprove the request of a customer and driver.


Revenue Management

The owner of the application can see the entire report of selling graph and figures on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Admin Panel

Track Daily Reports & Transactions

The super admin will get the complete information on a daily basis of every single transaction, query, reviews, chargeable amount, and so on.

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