B2C & B2B Portal Development

At Blueorbits, we create highly engaging websites with easy-to-use functions that assist the businesses to get more number of visitors and sales.

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Secured Payment Configuration

Secured Payment Configuration

We will create a complete secured payment system for the owners and customers. So, both of the concerns can easily transit their payments.

Data Protection for B2B & B2C Portals


We know about the importance of data in this modern era. Our team of developers ensures to create a solution that will secure your data from any harmful activity.

Server Load Balancing for B2B & B2C Portals

Server Load

Blueorbits has its team that manages entire terms. Whether it's for payment security, programming or server load balancing, our experts are available for your help.

Site Search Functionality

Site Search

We provide a site search functionality to the users that assist them in finding relevant content or a section on a site.

Multiple Accounts - Shop Creation

Multiple Accounts/Shop Creation

We have designed and developed many portals that have the features and functionalities to creating a new account or shop to promote their products.

Automation and Implementation

Automation and Implementation

After creating an automation plan, we ensure to run a pilot project before stepping up on any phase or term of implementation.

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Quality Factor

As the products and services have diversified in the 21st century so have nature and target markets of many a business operating worldwide. The distinction between the different segments of the target markets and their nature comes down to two main segments. B2C deals with products that are to be sold to direct consumers, which obviously is the bigger share of the market but the drawback for B2C portals lies in the quantity factor. Where B2C businesses sell only a few units per customer, B2B businesses do not require a large of consumers to become successful. B2B businesses can sell their products and services to a small number of customers in bulk and drive a huge profit since their success lies in the quantity factor.

Industry Insights

Giving the different way each of the two portals behaves and performs, each has different requirements when it comes to portal management. As the best B2B and B2C portal development company in Canada, Blueorbits uniquely understands the individual needs of the two types of businesses. Having offered B2B and B2C development services to hundreds of businesses, Blueorbits has come to be known not only as the best B2B portal development company but also the best B2C portal development company. With customer portal development at the heart of our services, we know what it is that will automate the most painstaking and costly aspects of running a business in the modern era. These business insights along with the best industry tools, expertise and experience are what have made Blueorbits the best B2B and B2C portal development company in Canada.

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App & Software Development Company

Web & CMS Development - World’s Powerful Digital Asset

Blueorbits has a team of qualitative Web & CMS developers that are capable of transforming your desire into a real-life solution.

Gather Information

Gather Information: Purpose and Goals

We carefully analyze the goals and targets for this website. Understanding its’ purpose gives us the ability to conjure up its’ heart and soul.


Design: Page Layouts and client’s feedback

Receiving client feedback is at the core of what we do. Getting feedback from them about the page layouts and designs gives us the direction.


Coding: QA and Testing

Towards the end, we carry out a quality assurance test to ensure all aspects of the website perform the way they are expected to and sort out bugs.


Planning: Wireframe and mockup

Having a clear understanding of what the website’s purpose is to enable us to share mockups with our clients to agree on a design.

Content Creation

Content Writing/ Structure: As per target audience

Given the understanding of the target audience, we can curate the content accordingly so that it appeals to your target market.



Once all the bugs have squashed, the site is ready to go live and achieve the goals that it was initially set up to succeed.

Trusted Partner

Whatever your needs, requirements or the scope of your business, we can help you craft a solution that automates the most painstaking tasks of your business saving you money and man-hours. With a reputation of being a trusted partner to businesses around the world, Blueorbits has earned its reputation of being the best B2B and B2C portal development company in Canada.


Web & CMS Development

What Make Us Unique?

In comparison to a market, we have a creative and innovative team of designers and developers. Moreover, we have the latest and modern techno-tools that assist in creating a pixel-perfect digital solution.

Full Backup Service

Full Backup

We will provide you a solution with auto backup file creation. It will store all the data on a daily basis, which will assist you in any case of harm.

3 Months Free Maintenance

3 Months Free Maintenance

Blueorbits will provide you a three months free maintenance. Our support team will always be available for you whenever you need us.

Database Management

Database Management

Whether it is data security, Malware protection, patch installation, and so on; we will create a top-notch database management system for you as per your requirements.

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  • The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
  • We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA
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