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Blueorbits develop a high-quality custom website completely based on the customers’ needs and goals.

Wow your customers with custom
web design and development

Modularity and Reusability for Custom Development

Modularity and Reusability

Modularity and reusability are two main terms for creating high-quality dataflows and software solutions.

Tiered Architecture and MVC for Custom Development

Tiered Architecture and MVC

At Blueorbits, our developers create tired architecture and MVC that allows the web applications to work more smoothly. Besides, any modification does not affect an entire model.

Domain Hosting

Domain Hosting

Blueorbits provide multiple domains hosting packages to the firms as per their requirements. We have a vast number of servers based in different locations.

Server Configuration

Server Configuration

Our server configuration team connected through a colossal successful background, and they are always ready for your assistance 24/7.


UI/UX Design

We trust on quality, and it is one of the main reasons, we create highly engaging and user-friendly designs for the solutions.

User-Friendly GUI

User-Friendly GUI

Our user-friendly graphics user-interfaces are pixel-perfect and unique. Moreover, all the features and functionalities make it more attractive and qualitative.

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Essential For Businesses

There are many cases where a ready-made market solution might not suffice a business’ needs. With the focus on bringing out and advertising a business’ unique image, it is usually challenging to find a market solution that caters to all of their individual needs. As a result, many companies are showing a great deal of interest in custom development. Whether it custom web development or custom software development solution, companies are looking for a custom web development agency to craft their custom development solutions. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses to experiment with the idea of custom development for a range of their needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a website, CRM, software solution or virtually anything else under the sun, with custom development solutions, you can get the answer you need to satisfy your business’ unique and individual needs.

Detailed Perfection

Blueorbits as the best custom development company in Canada carries out a thorough analysis of your business needs and operations, and then it gets to work crafting a solution that addresses all of your concerns and offers you a custom development solution that does not only satisfy your needs but exceeds your expectations as well. As we put customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do, we work closely with our customers to find a solution that meets their requirements. Our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ needs is what makes us the best custom development company in Canada. Whether you need a custom CRM or a custom eCommerce development solution, we have the resources, tools, expertise, and the experience to build a solution that will be a game-changer for your business. With automation as well as security as our north stars, we make sure that the solution we offer our customers has been thoroughly tested and is ready to hit the ground running. Our quality assurance tests and attention to detail make us the best custom development company in Canada.

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App & Software Development Company

Web & CMS Development - World’s Powerful Digital Asset

Blueorbits has a team of qualitative Web & CMS developers that are capable of transforming your desire into a real-life solution.

Gather Information

Gather Information: Purpose and Goals

We carefully analyze the goals and targets for this website. Understanding its’ purpose gives us the ability to conjure up its’ heart and soul.


Design: Page Layouts and client’s feedback

Receiving client feedback is at the core of what we do. Getting feedback from them about the page layouts and designs gives us the direction.


Coding: QA and Testing

Towards the end, we carry out a quality assurance test to ensure all aspects of the website perform the way they are expected to and sort out bugs.


Planning: Wireframe and mockup

Having a clear understanding of what the website’s purpose is to enable us to share mockups with our clients to agree on a design.

Content Creation

Content Writing/ Structure: As per target audience

Given the understanding of the target audience, we can curate the content accordingly so that it appeals to your target market.



Once all the bugs have squashed, the site is ready to go live and achieve the goals that it was initially set up to succeed.


Web & CMS Development

What Make Us Unique?

In comparison to a market, we have a creative and innovative team of designers and developers. Moreover, we have the latest and modern techno-tools that assist in creating a pixel-perfect digital solution. 

Full Backup Service

Full Backup

We will provide you a solution with auto backup file creation. It will store all the data on a daily basis, which will assist you in any case of harm.

3 Months Free Maintenance

3 Months Free Maintenance

Blueorbits will provide you a three months free maintenance. Our support team will always be available for you whenever you need us.

Database Management

Database Management

Whether it is data security, Malware protection, patch installation, and so on; we will create a top-notch database management system for you as per your requirements.

Things we do next:

  • Our representative contacts you within 24 hours
  • We collect all the necessary requirements from you
  • The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
  • We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA
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