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The Corporate

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Internal Product

Every business has a unique offering that needs innovations to scale with time. We encourage and help companies to facilitate their organization with internal tools to receive more output in less time.

We encourage companies to mold old ways of managing operations with more convenient solutions that we offer at Blue Orbits. Be an HRM system with a robust database and quick access to records or team-building tools that help staff to be confident and updated about task delegations.

We also provide easy-to-integrate portals and web applications, such as Attendance Management Systems, and ERP portals, with customised features and functionalities. Blue Orbit’s dedicated team can turn any ordinary internal function into a full-fledged internal product under an affordable budget.

Problems We Are SolvingFor The Corporate Sector

Are you planning to build an efficient tool for internal office use but not sure where to start, whom to hire, and what exactly you need? No worries, We understand the hurdles corporate face once they decide to spend a lot on building software without an in-house IT team.

To hire the IT staff, it is needless to go through the hassle of building a whole team and dealing with a payroll just to build a product. Lack of knowledge is one of the main issues where corporate staff cannot analyse the quality and progress of the software by themselves.

Therefore, we at Blue Orbits provide you with all resources for your internal product, including design, development, testing, and maintenance. We ensure that your team gets the feature-rich, stable, and user-friendly internal product that provides better work productivity for your organisation.

Is your team planning to build

An internal product without a tech team?

Gain tech experts here, &

Let us take care of it

Even if it is a problem you cannot resolve technically, our experienced staff can map out the best plan to make a robust, user-friendly, and fast-paced internal product so you may simply implement, work, and enhance your organization matters.

Usually, acquiring a team based on building a full-fledged cycle cost a lot of peace and patience; as a result, the product gets delayed, and the issue remains the same. We encourage organizations to outsource their worries of building internal products where we help them manage, maintain and evolve based on their requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

When outsourcing your significant projects, partnering up with a reliable, active, and experienced team is essential. We at Blue Orbits offer affordable BPO services that include trained professionals who can seamlessly communicate and channel your needs. We help offshore companies to host their software requirements over our system to experience a full range of software development services in an affordable range. From Enterprise Platform development to Web App Portals, we have in-house resources that can align with your team to build customized Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Platforms proficiently.

Resource Aguementation

We provide resources on a contractual basis for projects or corporate platforms and portal development, giving companies the experience of our premium quality development and well-defined process that saves them spending on hiring a complete team. We provide resources monthly and yearly contract depending on the length of the project and how long the resources can play their part in enhancing the project.

Our Process

Driving Value With Emerging Technology
And Tools to Guide Your App/Business Journey

We Proudly Serve Our Dedicated IT Services to Startups And Established Corporates. In times when technology opens ways to the future, we make the process faster and easier for you. We at Blue Orbits have all the right resources our clients need. Be it developing an MVP with core features and functionality or an internal product for HRM, ERM, or Portal to make your business more proficient.

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