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Our Seamless Process of Bringing Any Idea to Life, Digitally

Any business’s versatility is recognized through the services or the product it resides on. We at Blue Orbits have brought battle-tested approaches and proven methodologies at the velocity of success rate to keep you ahead of time, even if you are taking the first step toward developing your digital product.

Our design champs and UX fanatics marvel at crafting scalable products from scratch, enhancing an existing product, or mapping out the future for any ingenious idea. Let’s witness the behind-the-scenes of our heavy-duty software development process.

Stages Of The Product Development
Cycle To Procure Seamless Production

Stage 1

Requirement Gathering
& Analysis

Every project begins with a conversation about your business’s goals and challenges. We go in-depth to prepare a detailed document after a thorough discussion with technical heads to analyze the core features and functionalities and measure technical ground requirements to assess the best-suited developers and strategic needs.


We map out entire user flows of intuitive UI/UX to work with streamlined brand planning that reflect the standards your company truly stands for. We work on the navigation process, from click to tap, to adhere the features to the most pleasing customer experience. We also involve our creative to answer critical questions by designing the prototype while involving members to test ideas for further value-added suggestions.

Stage 2

Stage 3

or Coding

Our coding process is beyond just a structure occupied by div, class, and division. We tack smart, fool-proof, and secure methods to implement all models, business logic, and integrations. The development stages continue from alpha, beta, and release based on the robust cycle of Agile methodology for seamless architecture implementation.

Testing &
Quality Assurance

After receiving a testable build and continuously polishing the performance of the product for a solid bug-free user experience, we individually test each aspect of the software by taking the build under the rigorous process testing that includes Unit Testing Integration, End-to-End Testing, Regression Testing, Performance testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) followed by latest automated testing tools.

Stage 4

Stage 5


The performance impression lies in the last hit to get the first impression from the client after we pile the build into a presentable format. We ensure each module is tested and ready to astonish our clients and gather their feedback. We use several deployment strategies and variations to turn out new software versions in a continuous delivery process.

Software Maintenance
& Evolution

Gathering feedback from clients and re-attempt to change, modify and update the software as per the desired results. In this phase, we keep an eye on correcting minor issues, performance in different scenarios, and overall product improvement methods to make it the masterpiece you deserve.

Stage 6

The X-Factor Of Extraordinary Performance Through

Agile Methodology

Out of all the proven methodologies, Agile is what we are all about - Agile Methodology is
exceptionally flexible and progressive; it systematizes resources and tasks to keep the
team and stakeholders up-to-date about the complete project delivery cycle.

We at Blue Orbits religiously follow concrete management techniques for constant collaboration with teams and stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement of the project at every stage.

Why Are We So

Agile Driven?

  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • Testing & Superior Quality Product
  • Flexible Priorities
  • Risk Reduction
  • Project Visibility & Transparency
  • Incessant Focus On End-Users
  • Higher Client Satisfaction
We at Blue Orbits Have
High Protocols & Resources
that Secure Your Software


Expert DevOps Team

Our experienced DevOps and IT staff are well-versed in evaluating code releases, with extensive experience in both engineering and coding practices. From creating and implementing systems software to analyzing data to improve existing ones, our DevOps Engineers increase productivity in the workplace to help sustain projects of all sizes.


CI Process for IdealCode Structure

For efficient development security, we ensure to adapt the best practices of automating the integration of code modifications from multiple contributors into a single software project. It’s a primary DevOps best procedure, letting developers frequently merge code transformations into a central repository. Therefore, even if we make minor changes to the code, we ensure to do it without hindering the process or code structure.


Secure Cloud Architecture

Secure Cloud Architecture is all about supporting platforms, ecosystems, and mobile app databases through all possible ways to preserve security measures, regardless of the vast data or product size. We efficiently ensure that each layer is secured with centralized management of components, followed by scalability and elasticity to attain frictionless software performance. Alerts and Notifications always be a part of our watchful monitoring of the process, never to let any loophole cause any damage.


Seamless Data Migration

For data transfer from system to system, it is crucial to have experts with you. We migrate all forms of data using mapping methods that allow seamless transformation with minimal downtime. We have access to ample secured storage that will enable us to duplicate and secure storage.

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